“One Word” Inspiration

Since I am still on vacation (woo hoo!) my mind has not been very focused on my classroom.  I’ve decided to write this week’s post based on the prompt provided by my challenge group as a way to get “back in the groove”!

Here’s the prompt: What is your “one word” that will inspire you in your classroom or school in 2015?

It took me awhile to think of a single word for inspiration.  I decided to make a word cloud to help me narrow down my thoughts.  Since I’m a visual person by nature, I was hoping the cloud would help me see more clearly.


Of course, thanks to the radomization of Tagxedo, the word OPPORTUNITIES just jumped off the page.  I like the idea of using this word to provide my inspiration this year because it can be applied to so many different areas of my professional and personal life.

The first thing that came to mind when pondering the idea of opportunities is my upcoming CPACE exam.  I was encouraged to get my administrative credential, so I decided to give the test a shot before shelling out big bucks to go through a credential program.  I will be taking the test in February, and I am hopeful that I will pass.  I am excited about the opportunities that having an admin credential will bring.

When I think specifically of my classroom, I think of all the small opportunities to make connections with my students.  I am very fortunate in that I teach at a school with 80 students.  I know these kiddos better than I could ever know students at a large, traditional high school.  I would like to be more cognizant of these potential connections.  I have the gift of time and control over my curriculum/schedule, so when opportunities to connect appear, I need to take advantage of them.

As I sit here, more and more ways that opportunities can inspire me this year are popping up in my head.  I will continue to keep myself open to whatever opportunities arise, and consciously look for opportunities to be a better teacher and a better person.


A New Year, A New Post

I have been a sporadic blogger in the past, and never seemed to be able to keep my momentum.  There was always another project to start, another dish to wash, or another paper to grade.  Inspired by a fellow teacher, I am giving blogging another go.  I’ve joined a blogging group to help me stay motivated and to connect with other educators.  I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings!